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Wagging Tails Since 2017

Cats of the week


Venus (left): Female, 7 month old, Dilute Calico, Very cuddly, loves attention, sweet/spicy, likes Dogs and Cats

Max (right): Male, 10 1/2 year old, DSH, Very friendly, easy to handle, lovely in all ways, kind spirited, great companion, good with Dogs and Cats

Rescue. Re-Train.    Redeem. Re-Home.

Embracing Pack Life!

When finely orchestrated packs of 

witty dogs, quirky cats and

ambitious people learn

to live together harmoniously.

We honorably take on the rewarding challenge of building relationships between the animal and human being on our Redemption Road.

Dog of the week


Biggie: Male, 2 year old, Staffordshire/Pit Bull Mix, very smart, eager to learn and please, shy at times but very adventurous, Good with Dogs, Cats and likes Kids.