We Rescue...

Our organization rescues dogs and cats of all breeds and ages from animal control, animal hospitals, transfers from other rescues, and takes in strays and owner relinquishments. We also assist animal control and animal hospitals with evaluating their dogs and cats and coordinating rescue. All of our rescues are a member of the R4 pack for life, therefore, we welcome back all dogs and cats post-adoption. 

We Redeem...

All of our rescues have different backgrounds, therefore in order to have successful adoptions, we cater to any and all of our animals' needs. Our behavioral rehabilitation program faces all types of challenges, from basic training to severe aggression. We aim to transform all of our dogs and cats into adoptable family members.

We Re-train...

All the animals in our care are evaluated by certified trainers that create individualized training plans. Our fosters implement the training to remedy any issues, reinforce good behavior, and prepare the dog or cat for adoption. Our plans include but are not limited to: positive reinforcement techniques, obedience training, animal and human socialization, and behavioral modification.

We Re-home...

We place our animals in their adoptive homes based on their needs to limit future problems. Our adoptable dogs and cats are adopted out to families in IL and we handle all out of state inquiries individually. Our goal is for our rescues to find their best-fit forever home so we can continue rescuing more animals in need of our specialized help.

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847-338-3252 (Kseniya)

312-218-0755 (Bobi)

Email: info@redemptionroadinc.org

Redemption Road ​Rescue Rehab Inc.​

P.O. BOX 158 Techny, IL 60082-1000

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