1. contact us

Send an email or call either number listed regarding the dog or cat you're interested in meeting and potentially adopting. We do our best to reply within 24-48 hours to all inquiries.

2. phone interview

Our team will contact you back to conduct an over the phone interview. This interview will allow us to get to know you better and for you to learn more about the animal you are interested in and our rescue.

3. complete application form

After the phone interview, we'll email an application form for you to fill out and return.

4. wait for r4 member to contact you

We'll contact you after the application is processed and approved. Please note, we require two references with contact information. 

5. schedule meet and greet

The next step is for you to meet the dog or cat in person. At the meet and greet we want you to engage with the animal and get to know their personality and for them to get to know you. For dogs you can go for a nice walk, play fetch, give treats, or do some simple obedience training. With cats you can play with toys, give treats, or give some cuddles. This may require multiple visits especially if there are other animals in the home. 

6. schedule home visit

Once all goes well, we'll schedule a time for a team member to visit your home and help plan the dog or cat's transition into your home. 

7. finalize adoption

The final step is to finalize and sign the adoption contract. Congratulations, you can welcome your new family member to their forever home!